The back of Lake View Terrace, 2011.

Montreal, 2011.

This photo was taken looking into Maroon Creek in Aspen, Colorado looking down from the Tiehack Nordic Bridge. 2012.

Mt. Mansfeild, The Chin, 2011.

395 Bridge from Bangor to Brewer. Maine, 2008.

North Beach, Burlington, Vermont, February, 2009.

Skowhegan, Maine, 2008.

Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, 2008.

Corinth, Maine, 2008.

Rumford, Maine, 2008.

Brewer, Maine, 2008.

The Waterfront from North Beach, Burlington, Vermont, 2009.

Saint Albans, Vermont, 2011.

Champlain Valley Fair, Essex, Vermont, 2009.

3 am long exposure of lights from Plattsburgh, New York. Photographed in Saint Albans, Vermont, 2007.

Lake Champlain, Vermont, 2010.

Umbrella in the pool after a storm. 2010.

Elmwood St. backyards from front porch. 2009.

Oakledge Park, Burlington, Vermont, 2009.

Johnson State College, Vermont, 2008.

Storm moving in, Essex Junction, Vermont, 2010.

Gaelen at Oakledge Park. Burlington, Vermont, 2009.

This is a panorama of Lake Champlain during the spring of 2011 in Burlington, Vermont.

Challenger on Pearl & Winooski, Burlington, Vermont, 2008.

These are images that I have taken over a span of three or four years. They are about celebrating color and rare perspective. They represent the idea of “stopping to smell the roses.”